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Despite the consequences of fire being largely borne by low- and middle-income countries, especially in rapidly developing cities, fire safety systems (policies, infrastructure, institutions, public education, etc.) are severely lacking and not fit for purpose in many cities. The same could be said for much of the humanitarian sector. There is a dire need and opportunity to expand and strengthen capacities, not only for fire response, but for the design, management, and use of the built environment and in relation to education and economic activities, both formal and informal. Kindling aims to promote fire safety development by supporting institutions, partner organizations and communities  through research, advocacy, education & training, pilot projects, and eventually through the development of long term programs



Expanding and sharing the breadth and depth of knowledges related to fire safety inequalities and systematically identifying opportunities to improve fire safety



Promoting institutionalization of appropriate fre safety policies and practices into existing systems of urban development, disaster risk reduction, and humanitarian assistance


Education & Training


Pilot Projects

Capacity building of communities vulnerable to fire and of practitioners and authorities who engage with, and may infuence fire safety of vulnerable populations

Exploring what works and 
what doesn’t by bringing 
theory into practice, 
through co-design and 
implementation of fire 
safety projects with 
vulnerable communities 
and key partners

Advocacy & Publication Timeline

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