Our mission is to reduce the impacts of fire on people, property, and livelihoods in emerging nations, low-income communities, and humanitarian contexts. We do this through consultancies, research & development, advocacy, and education & training. We specialise in development of inclusive approaches to improve fire safety and fire resilience – e.g. pilot projects in informal settlements, city fire safety and resilience strategy planning, holistic systems-based approaches. We exist to support humanitarian and development actors to pilot interventions, gather evidence and insights, inform relevant policies, and develop tools and guidance for practitioners so that fire safety can be better integrated into decision making in the field.

Research & Development


Education & Training

"We believe in the power of relentless optimism, curiosity, and compassion to address systemic inequalities, integrate safety and resilience, and tackle intractable problems. By bringing together non-traditional actors, amplifying local voices, and applying science, engineering and systems thinking, we can make this world a safer and more resilient place for everyone."


Danielle Antonellis, Kindling Founder & Executive Director